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After the last sessions of analyzing the lengths of Azeroth, I still had no concrete values as to how big Azeroth really was in terms of its area. Proceeding from where I last left off on measuring the length of Azeroth, I took the pixel-length measurements and ran with them. From last time, I had determined that one pixel on the scale of the map I had been using at the time was .034706 kilometers to one side of a pixel. So, the area of one pixel should therefore be 0.0012045 kilometers². The next step was to remove the pixels from the map that weren’t navigable land or water, so basically just the oceans. This proved a bit trickier than it first appears, since the minimap has lots of different colored water and gradients to take out. Once that was done, the following outline emerged.


Finally, I took all the unnavigable parts of Azeroth that I had colored monochromatic, replaced them with white, and colored the landmasses of Azeroth in black. From there, it was a simple matter to use Photoshop’s measurement features to calculate all the pixels that were selected. It came out that there were 242,993 pixels that make up the landmasses of the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor on this map of Azeroth. Multiply 242,993 pixels by the area that each pixel contains – 0.0012045 kilometers² – and you get the number 292.67 kilometers², or 101.42 miles². Take the square roots of these numbers, and it gives 12.207 km or 10.071 miles, the side of a square that could contain, roughly, the landmasses of Azeroth.


Here is also some more information on the perimeters and areas of Kalimdor, the Eastern Kingdoms, Darnassus, and the Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isles.

The perimeters of the landmasses contain all the islands so perimeters may be slightly / greatly inflated.

The perimeters of the landmasses contain all the islands so perimeters may be slightly / greatly inflated.

292.67 kilometers² and 101.42 miles² are distant, unfeeling numbers, so in order to put them into terms more understandable to the average WoW player, I have used the benevolent god of eccentric data, Wolfram Alpha, to give one a better idea of what 292.67 kilometers² comprise. I got the following results:


Unless Wolfram Alpha is secretly Skynet and is skewing my data, not only do the areas of Azeroth comprise roughly a tenth of Rhode Island, they also are only 2.4 times the size of Walt Disney World.

However, I believe this figure to hold more than it first appears. Two point four times the size of Disney World is a figure that is suggestive of, nay, portentous of, a time when an executive at ActiBlizzard will look at some figures together – say, the aforementioned Number, the fact that all of Disney World cost about $2.6 billion to build, their skyrocketing revenues, and reach a conclusion. This conclusion can only be one conclusion, The Conclusion. I do not know whether I might adulate or disparage the day that this Conclusion might arrive, but I believe I have created an accurate depiction of it below.

A vision of heaven, hell, or the product of an absurd reaction where the two planes intersect?

A vision of heaven, hell, or the product of an absurd reaction where the two planes intersect?

I would rather not find out. (Photo butchered from here)

End note: The way I had to play with data from an interesting variety of sources reminded me of the masterful collection of essays in Content, which everybody who uses the internet frequently should read. Oh yes, it’s also free, along with all the rest of Cory Doctorow‘s amazing works.

This blog post is not for consumption by the sarcasm-impaired.


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